Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? PirateLand is located on the south end of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The campground is oceanfront along the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you have anything available and how much does it cost? Click here to check rates and availability

Can we camp in a tent? Yes, however all the campsites are full hook-up and are equipped for RVs. So the rates are the same whether camping in an RV or tent. The electric is a 30amp & 50amp plug so you would need an adapter to convert to a regular plug. We may have them available in our Camp Store when open. Also please note our campfire and pet policy in the yeas and nays by clicking here. If you would like to set up a tent with your RV there is an additional fee of $10 per night and the tent must fit within the perimeter of your site.

Can I bring my own golf cart? We only allow personal golf carts for annual lease sites. They are not allowed on campsites or vacation rentals. If you have a modified golf cart for mobility assistance please call 843-238-5155 for more info. Rentals are available through Graham’s Golf Carts – click here for more information.

Why can’t I bring my own golf cart? We have an agreement in place with a company that rents them here at the campground. Providing a rental service is important to our guests and contracting with another company makes the most sense for our business so they are available for anyone.

Can I bring my motorcycle? Motorcycles cannot be driven under power within the campground. There is a motorcycle parking available in the front parking lot or guests may tow them to their sites if desired.

Why can’t my motorcycle be driven under power in the campground? There are several motorcycle rallies throughout the year in surrounding areas which cause a lot of motorcycles to be around and the noise may be bothersome to guests. Even if a motorcycle is quiet, enforcing a blanket policy makes the most sense for the atmosphere we are trying to create in the campground.

What happens if there is a Hurricane? First, there is no need to panic. If there is a need to evacuate the Myrtle Beach area, the call will be made by the Governor in plenty of time for all guests to exit hours before the hurricane arrives. Stay tuned to local news channel 15 for the most current updates. Click here for Hurricane Policy FAQs

What is the “Parade” at night in the summer all about? Guests like to cruise around in the evening. When the park is very busy in the summer and during some holiday weekends, golf carts drive around the main roads forming an unofficial “parade”. The patrol monitors the traffic but it can be noisy because of all the people participating and playing music. This is one reason we recommend guests with small children or who may not like this type of activity, do not stay on the oceanfront road during busy times of the year.

What if I need to leave early? Generally once you have checked in, there is no refund for an early departure. If you have an emergency and need to leave before your scheduled departure date, please let the office know. If you would like to get a credit for a future stay we will ask you to provide a written request along with documentation of the emergency. Once approved by the campground manager, we will mail a credit voucher to you.

Do you give refunds for rain, cold weather, encountering wildlife or insects, etc.? Camping is an outdoor experience. Campers should take precautions to keep ants and other bugs out of there units (spraying hoses and tires with bug spray, keeping food closed up, etc.). We do not issue credits for inclement weather or encountering bugs, snakes, jellyfish, other ocean creatures, etc. The coastal areas of South Carolina are generally low-lying and when there is a heavy period of rain there will be areas with standing water until it dries out.

Who controls the beach in front of PirateLand? The beach in front of PirateLand is under the control and jurisdiction of Horry County. Here is a link to a complete list of their beach ordinances.