There is the potential a hurricane could be approaching the area, and we’re sure you have several questions about the action you should take.

First, there is no need to panic. If there is a need to evacuate the Myrtle Beach area, the call will be made by the Governor in plenty of time for all guests to exit hours before the hurricane arrives.

Stay tuned to WPDE news (channel 6) and/or The Weather Channel (channel 21 or 10), for the most current updates.

PirateLand will remain open and operate as normal until an evacuation order is issued. If an evacuation order is issued, all guests will be asked to leave the resort in an orderly fashion and the park will be closed to guests at least until the evacuation order is lifted. There is absolutely no need to panic. 

What kind of credit will I receive for an evacuation? PirateLand will issue a credit voucher for the time lost due to the evacuation for campsite and vacation rental stays. This voucher will be mailed to guests and is applicable to a future stay.

Can I leave prior to an evacuation? Yes, however we may only issue credit vouchers if an evacuation is called. All storms are different. Our crew will continually assess each case by case.

I am ready to leave the park, should I notify the office? Yes, we ask that all guests turn in their vehicle passes upon departure.

Should I take my belongings? Yes, we recommend guests take all of their personal property with them upon departure, including all your items out of the vacation rental, and off the campsite including camper and vehicles. Annual sites should make sure all of their property is secure and take any valuables. Depending on the storm and location of site, residents may consider moving things off the floor to protect in the event of flooding.

How should I prepare my storage trailer? You should prepare the unit so it’s ready to be pulled off the campsite.  You may also consider taking the camper if a named storm is a direct threat to this area.

Where should I evacuate to? Tune in to local radio and news stations for specific evacuation information. There will be shelters in the local area. The Front Desk will have information as well.

When may I return? Once the evacuation is lifted, call us to get information on the park’s reopening. We will also post updates on our website and Facebook page. You must check-in with the front office before re-entering. The conditions upon your return may not be as they were when you left (i.e. no electric, limbs down, etc.). If you choose to check-in under these circumstances please understand there will be NO compensation. You also may be assigned to a different campsite.

What if I do not return? You will receive a credit voucher for the time lost.

I have an annual site can I stay through an evacuation? It is not safe to stay in the campground if an evacuation has been called. The water to the park is also turned off. We will require all guests and residents to leave during an evacuation.

Thank you for your patience and patronage!