Information About the Land Lease between PirateLand and Myrtle Beach

UPDATE: July 24, 2019 –  Please read news article below from WMBF 

By WMBF News Staff | July 23, 2019 at 6:17 PM EDT - Updated July 23 at 6:17 PM

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Visitors to a couple of popular campgrounds in Myrtle Beach will continue to do so for the next five years.

The Myrtle Beach City Council agreed Tuesday afternoon to continue to lease 142 acres of land used by Pirateland Camping Resort and Lakewood Camping Resort.

The leasing agreement for the two properties was set to end in February 2020. The city said it will renew the lease for the next five years, but eventually they want to do more with the land.

“The campground and the city would do a new five-year lease that would begin in February and run for five years, and then at some point during that period, the campground and the city would talk about a longer-term arrangement that likely would involve the sale of that property,” Myrtle Beach city spokesperson Mark Kruea said.

The city has been leasing the 142 acres of land for decades.

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March 30, 2019 - A news article published March 29 caused many people concern about the future of PirateLand. It is true that PirateLand and Lakewood campgrounds lease SOME of their property from the city of Myrtle Beach and that lease is up for renewal. It does not mean the campground is closing or is for sale. Those rumors are false. We greatly appreciate all the support and love you all have for this community.

The lease renewal process has been going on for many years and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. PirateLand Campground has had the same owners since opening in 1966. They say the renewal process is going well. Please note: there is only one “official” PirateLand Facebook Business page. You can link to that page here - .

Meet the WallerBears Orca

Why yes Sharon, that orca is a new addition to the lazy river this year! So much more than just a “cutesy” character, the WallerBears Orca has been a local favorite for decades.

The orca was commissioned in 1995 especially for WallerBears Surf Shop by Bruce Williamson of Williamson Surf Art in Florida. It was made entirely from fiberglass and sculpted by hand. WallerBears Surf Shop opened in the shopping plaza just north of PirateLand in 1977 and was family owned and operated for 39 and ½ years. Crew member Jeff Chestnut remembered getting his first pair of rainbows from WallerBears in the early 80’s.

“There were no other real surf shops, if you were on the south end you either went to Village or WallerBears, they were it” Chestnut said.

When the business closed, the owners wanted to be sure the whale found a new home close by. In the wild, orcas live in family groups and are quite social. We were honored to help relocate the whale and felt our camping family was a great fit . We picked it up from WallerBears in early 2017. Local artist Teresa Jordan, whom you may know as our pottery and paint party hostess, repaired and painted the whale.  It took some time to get it looking fresh, ready to be remounted, and to decide where exactly it would go. 

We wanted to put it on display for all to see, but also give it purpose. For more than a year the crew discussed options for the whale’s future. Mini-golf course? Playground? Pool area? Pool area was definitely the top contender. Someone suggested we could run a line through it for water to come out.  Summertime visitors know – the lazy river gets hot as it is easily warmed by the sun. Tons of guests have suggested we find a way to cool off the lazy river. This would be a great way to add some cooler water. It was no easy feat, but the crew got it done in March of 2019. The WallerBears Orca made its PirateLand debut when we opened the pool on April 4, 2019.

We hope you enjoy the new addition and can appreciate its local history. To honor that history we’re going to call it “WallerBear”. Also please note, it can be a little shocking (and refreshing) to get hit with the cold water - So watch out!

For more information on Orcas visit -

2017 Updates & Improvements

Bathhouses 6 & 9 Completely Remodeled! One of our most exciting winter projects was the complete renovation of two bathhouses!  All new everything!  Guests have asked for a dressing area in the shower stall so we added that with a bench. Both bathhouses are now open. Bathhouse #6 is along Anne Bonny Trail andBathhouse #9 is on Long John Silver Trail . We hope to remodel more bathhouses next winter!


We are converting the north beach annual sites on Port Royal and Long John Silver Trails to 39 new campsites. This new area includes all new infrastructure (water, sewer, electric, and cable) and new shelters. We expect the section to be ready to rent by Memorial Weekend.


This summer we are adding a pool attendant to the indoor pool during the busiest hours. With this monitor now in place, we have decided to leave the hot tub open through the summer. We ask that guests please adhere to South Carolina law which prohibits anyone under the age of 16 from being in the hot tub.


The beach dunes are in the process of being repaired after getting washed out by Hurricane Matthew in October. In PirateLand alone, Matthew caused about $250,000 worth of damage. We are currently replacing the beach entrance at PirateLand Trail North. We will continue to make repairs through the year.


The camp store and arcade buildings have been repainted for a fresh look and the lazy river was completely resurfaced. We are also working on some improvements for the mini-golf course, including repainting the figurines and adding benches.

Beach Water Quality Information

Many guests and residents have contacted us in regards to social media reports concerning a swim advisory in Myrtle Beach. Here are the facts:

  • YOU CAN SWIM in the ocean in front of PirateLand. No beaches in Myrtle Beach are closed for swimming.
  • The advisory the reports reference is a long standing advisory that has been in effect for years and applies to specific sections of beach where storm water drains in the ocean, commonly referred to as a “swash”.
  • DHEC placed several signs beside swash areas along the grand strand in 2007-2008 that advise swimmers there may be higher bacteria levels within 200 feet of that area.
  • There is a “swash” on the most southern end of the beach in front of PirateLand bordering the neighboring campground. It is always advised that swimmers avoid this area, specifically swallowing the water. The advisory does not mean high bacteria is always present, only that it MAY be.
  • In 2008 Horry County Stormwater Management installed an ultraviolet filtration system on Skeleton Island in PirateLand to help filter out some of the bacteria before reaching the ocean.

You may visit DHEC’s website and view the map above by following this link -

Updates and Improvements for 2015

Pirate Ship SPLASH POOL IS A HUGE Hit! The new pool opened the summer of 2014 and guest feedback has been great! One thing you have been asking for in the pool area is more bathrooms. We’re happy to announce that we have added bathrooms to the new splash pool area and they should be ready when the pool opens around April 1st. We hope you get a chance to splash around in the new pool and float in the lazy river!


BRAND NEW RENTALS FOR 2015 - Cooper’s Cabins - We have expanded our rental inventory to include brand new cabins! These units are centrally located in the inland ‘wooded” area of the campground and will sleep a family of 6. Check out the vacation rental page of our website for more info and pics!


Our Campground Entrance Sign Got a Facelift! Next year we will be celebrating our 50th Anniversary! Although the entrance sign is not quite that old, guests  mentioned it was difficult to see sometimes and it needed a fresh look. The logo is much bigger and the top lights up at night so it really shines.


We’ve also added more concrete pads to campsites, upgraded some drainage pipes, replaced all the washers in the laundry room and added a TV!

PirateLand opens new kid-friendly splash pool

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Representatives from PirateLand Family Camping Resort today announced that the vacation destination has opened a child-friendly Pirate Ship Splash Pool at the Pirate’s Oasis Water Park.


The splash pool park was added to provide vacationing families with a place that is just for kids. The addition adds more than 5,000 square feet of water fun around a sunken 50-foot pirate ship and offers more than 50 different water activities for kids including water mushrooms, waterfalls and dump buckets.


Spacious decks surround the splash pool so that parents can enjoy the sun and relax while watching their little ones play.  Pirate’s Oasis already featured a 510-foot lazy river, Olympic size pool and raintree activity pool. This pirate adventure is free to all PirateLand registered guests.


PirateLand Family Camping Resort is located along a one-half-mile beachfront of the Atlantic Ocean just outside Myrtle Beach. The resort offers full hook up RV campsites, shaded campsites for tents, fully furnished vacation rentals, and yearly leased sites. To make room for the water park expansion the PirateLand committee rearranged the recreational area.


“Opening the Pirate’s Oasis water park is such an exciting time for us at PirateLand,” said Todd Leary, general manager of PirateLand Family Camping Resort. “For nearly 50 years we have been celebrating family together time in Myrtle Beach and this new feature is already such a hit. We hope to see more camp goers enjoy their time splashing around this summer!”

Updates and Improvements for 2014

In the off-season we work hard to improve the campground and this year was no exception! You’ve probably already read about the brand new Pirate Ship Splash Pool but you may not know about the following improvements:


To make room for the waterpark expansion we had to move the basketball courts. There are four half courts now located conveniently next to the arcade.


Our onsite Mini-golf course has been completely re-carpeted! We have mini-golf specials for $3 per round and tournaments throughout the season.  Check out the activities schedule for more details!


We’ve made many changes in our Vacation Rentals this year. Most noticeably in our Executive Doublewide units –flat screen TVs for all the Executives, and new floors, decorations, and light fixtures for various units.


Feedback from our guests indicates a lot of campers really like paved sites. It’s easier to level your camper, helps keep sand out, and helps prevent ruts from use and weather. This year we added concrete to four pull-thrus on Robbers Row and two beach lakeside sites. 

Hog Heaven Now Featuring “The Southern Chicken” Food Trailer

Our guests love the delicious southern style food from Hog Heaven BBQ and we’re excited to announce they’re adding even more options to your southern food experience! This summer they’ll be at the campground with one of their trailers everyday of the week!!


On Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays they’ll feature their all new “The Southern Chicken” trailer with menu items like chicken wraps, salads, and sandwiches! The BBQ trailer will be here on Wednesdays and Sundays with their southern style pulled pork BBQ. On Tuesday and Friday nights they’ll be here for “Shrimp Night”. The trailer is located off of PirateLand Trail, next to the mini-golf course. Please note: they are only here during the summer and for select special events in the off-season.