Beach Water Quality Information

Many guests and residents have contacted us in regards to social media reports concerning a swim advisory in Myrtle Beach. Here are the facts:

  • YOU CAN SWIM in the ocean in front of PirateLand. No beaches in Myrtle Beach are closed for swimming.
  • The advisory the reports reference is a long standing advisory that has been in effect for years and applies to specific sections of beach where storm water drains in the ocean, commonly referred to as a “swash”.
  • DHEC placed several signs beside swash areas along the grand strand in 2007-2008 that advise swimmers there may be higher bacteria levels within 200 feet of that area.
  • There is a “swash” on the most southern end of the beach in front of PirateLand bordering the neighboring campground. It is always advised that swimmers avoid this area, specifically swallowing the water. The advisory does not mean high bacteria is always present, only that it MAY be.
  • In 2008 Horry County Stormwater Management installed an ultraviolet filtration system on Skeleton Island in PirateLand to help filter out some of the bacteria before reaching the ocean.

You may visit DHEC’s website and view the map above by following this link -