2017 Updates & Improvements

Bathhouses 6 & 9 Completely Remodeled! One of our most exciting winter projects was the complete renovation of two bathhouses!  All new everything!  Guests have asked for a dressing area in the shower stall so we added that with a bench. Both bathhouses are now open. Bathhouse #6 is along Anne Bonny Trail andBathhouse #9 is on Long John Silver Trail . We hope to remodel more bathhouses next winter!


We are converting the north beach annual sites on Port Royal and Long John Silver Trails to 39 new campsites. This new area includes all new infrastructure (water, sewer, electric, and cable) and new shelters. We expect the section to be ready to rent by Memorial Weekend.


This summer we are adding a pool attendant to the indoor pool during the busiest hours. With this monitor now in place, we have decided to leave the hot tub open through the summer. We ask that guests please adhere to South Carolina law which prohibits anyone under the age of 16 from being in the hot tub.


The beach dunes are in the process of being repaired after getting washed out by Hurricane Matthew in October. In PirateLand alone, Matthew caused about $250,000 worth of damage. We are currently replacing the beach entrance at PirateLand Trail North. We will continue to make repairs through the year.


The camp store and arcade buildings have been repainted for a fresh look and the lazy river was completely resurfaced. We are also working on some improvements for the mini-golf course, including repainting the figurines and adding benches.