Campsite & Vacation Rental Visitors

Every guest must register with the main office. Guests visiting campers have access to park amenities. Day visitors may obtain a pass for $3.00 per person for anyone over the age of four. Day passes expire at 11pm. Overnight visitors are $3.00 per person plus $5.00 per vehicle, per night. Generally a maximum of two vehicles per site is allowed if space permits. We do not allow people to come in and use the amenities unless they are registering to a site or vacation rental.

Annual Lease Site Guests

Guests registering to annual lease sites must bring a written letter of permission from the unit owner and pay half the lowest campsite rate per night. This covers up to four people and one vehicle. Owners that are on site may register visitors with the office in person for a fee of $3 per person per night. Guests visiting annual lease sites have access to park amenities.


All vehicles must be registered with the office and have a valid pass to be parked anywhere in the campground. Please be sure to read and follow parking lot signage. 

Overflow Vehicle Parking

Space for parking in the campground may be limited especially during our busiest times. Guests may have two vehicles on their sites if space permits (one pass is included with site rental; additional pass is $5.00 per night). Please note: parking on the roads and on empty lots is prohibited. Maneuvering around the campground in the summer may be difficult so please be courteous of others and ensure your vehicle is parked safely out of the way of others. Overflow parking may be available; passes are $5.00 per night. The overflow parking lot is located near the campground entrance.

Beach Parking

In the summer and when kids are on break from school the campground is very busy. There is limited parking available along the beach front from 7am to 11pm. Parking overnight, up on the dunes, and in front of accesses and/or other areas as marked, is prohibited. 

Motorcycle Parking

We have a special parking area for motorcycles located across from the Front Gate. We do not allow motorcycles to ride under power in the campground. Guests may tow their motorcycles to their site.