Campground Yeas & Nays

Vacation should be fun and everyone wants to have a good time! Please be courteous and respectful of others and the property. We are privately owned and have the right to ask any rule violators to leave with no refund if necessary.  We are a family campground and only allow families. We also have the right to alter rules if necessary. For the safety and comfort of all guests we ask that everyone be familiar with and adhere to the following rules:



You will encounter nature at the campground including wildlife, insects, a lot of sand, and changes of weather. We do not refund for early departures.



All guests must register at the main office and pay the appropriate fees before setting up on a campsite, checking into a vacation rental or before moving from one site to another. Entrance after midnight is only allowed if you have already been issued a pass. CHECK-OUT TIME IS 11:00 AM. Please leave vehicle pass with the office or front gate as you leave. Guests are not allowed to remain in the campground once they have checked out.



Space is limited. Campsite and Rental rates include one vehicle and one piece of camping equipment. If space allows, an additional vehicle may be registered for $5 per night and/or a sleeping tent may be registered for $10 per night. Maneuvering around the campground may be challenging. Please ensure your vehicles and other property are within the perimeter of your site to avoid accidents and/or other damages. When the campground is busy there is a lot of traffic on the main roads. Guests with small children may want to request to be away from these areas when making reservations.



Please observe quiet time from 11pm to 7am. Driving around the campground during quiet time is not permitted unless there is an emergency. All golf carts must be back on their sites from 11pm to 7am.



Remember to lock your vehicle and your unit. Put your awning and/or other loose items away if winds are strong. Do not leave valuable items outside on your campsite or inside your vehicle. If you see suspicious activity at any time please call 1-800-443-2267 and press 4 for the Front Gate/Patrol crew.



Only personal golf carts registered to annual lease sites are permitted to be operated on the campground. PERSONAL CARTS ARE NOT ALLOWED for campsites and vacation rentals. Rental carts are available through Grahams Golf Carts on site rental office. All golf cart drivers must least 16 years old and have a valid drivers license. Violators may be fined and/or privileges may be removed. A restricted/provisional license is not permitted. Guests needing mobility assistance may contact us at (843) 238-5155 ext 235 with questions.



All the campgrounds roads are paved. Bicycles out at night must have lights. Bicycles are generally allowed in most areas of the campground. After 9pm bicycles are NOT ALLOWED on the Beachfront Road.



The only Scooters allowed must be electric, single seated, and have a handle bar height of at least 36”. Also if riding at night they must have lights. We do NOT ALLOW gas powered scooters, two-seated scooters, four-wheeled scooters, "crickets",  mopeds, motorbikes, go-carts, ATVs, or motorcycles to be operated in the campground.  Parking areas may be available at the campground entrance. Children's powered vehicles are not allowed on the campground roads. Guests needing mobility assistance may contact us at (843) 238-5155 ext 235 with questions.



We have daily trash pick-up for the campsite and vacation rentals. Please have your trash bagged and out by 10am. Trash pick-up for annual lease sites is Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Please help keep the property clean by discarding of your trash in an appropriate manner.



We do not allow open wood burning campfires in any areas of the campground from at least April 1 to November 30.  During any time of the year you may have a portable fire pit as long as it is at least 6" above the ground and has a screen, cover, or chimney, and you may only burn duralogs, starter logs, or charcoal. We DO NOT ALLOW real wood to be brought in to the campground.  PLEASE NOTE: If Horry County is under a burn ban you may not burn anything!



Fishing in our lakes and the ocean requires a SC Saltwater Fishing License for anyone 16 years old or over. Licenses are available for purchase in the front office. Bait and Tackle are available at the Camp Store. SWIMMING IN THE LAKES IS PROHIBITED. Only PirateLand boats are allowed in the lakes.



No public display of alcohol is permitted. Please remember to drink responsibly.



We allow pets on campsite and annual lease site only. Pets are not allowed in or around vacation rentals. We may have a pet friendly rental unit available. Please call (843) 238-5155 ext 228 for more information. We prohibit Rottweilers, Pitt Bulls, and their mixes in the campground. If a dog of any other breed is unfriendly exhibits aggressive behavior toward strangers, or barks uncontrollably, they should be left at home. If a person brings a pet into the park that shows this type of behavior toward guests or park employees, the manager will ask that the pet be boarded. If the pet owner chooses not to board the pet, they will be asked to leave. Pets at all times must be; cleaned up after, on a leash no more than 6 feet long, and within sight and under the control of their owner. Pets are not permitted to be tied up outside and left unattended.



Telephone messages and mail for registered guests may be picked up at the mail station in the front office.

No flying of drones or small unmanned aircraft of any kind.

No washing of camping units or vehicles on campsites.

No fireworks or firearms of any kind allowed on campground.

No Soliciting or subleasing of sites.

We do not allow guests staying in tents to stay monthly or extended stays

Parents are responsible for the actions and safety of their children and visitors. Management is not responsible for accidents or injuries to guests or visitors; or loss of money, jewelry or valuables, or damage to personal property of any kind.


PLEASE NOTE: the beach in front of PirateLand is under the jurisdiction and enforcement of Horry County. CLICK HERE TO view ordinances that apply to Horry County Beaches