All activities are for registered PirateLand guests and residents ONLY! (unless otherwise noted). Please pick up official schedules from the front office.

DECEMBER WEEKLY ACTIVITIES: No activities will be held from December 19th-December 31st.
Water Aerobics: Mondays & Fridays at 9:30am. Held in the Indoor Pool. Join us for a 45 minute aerobic routine on CD.
Card Night: Meet in the Rec. Room Tuesday afternoons at 5pm & join in a few card games. You may bring light refreshments if you would like.
Pot Luck Dinner: Thursday evenings at 6pm. Held in the Rec. Room. Bring a dish that will serve at least the amount of people in your family to share. Paper products & soft drinks will be supplied.
Bingo: Immediately follows Pot Luck on Thursdays at 6:45pm in the Rec. Room. Bring a $1 item & receive 2 cards. We will play for the items that everyone brings!
Church Services: Join our Pastor for a non-denominational service held at the Outdoor Chapel on Sunday Mornings at 9am.
Thursday, December 8th 6pm in the Rec. Room

Join fellow campers and residents for a festive Christmas pot luck dinner and gift exchange. We ask that you bring a dish to at least feed the amount of people in your family and a $5 gift per person participating in the gift exchange. 
Sign up in the Front Office by 6pm on December 15th. Judging will begin at 8pm on the 15th. Places awarded for 1st, 2nd & third places. Prizes will be delivered to the site.

Attention: Please note that all activities are subject to change without online notification. Activity Schedules are located in the Front Office & Campground Store. Please use the printed Activity Schedule provided for you in the park as a guide to activities. ***